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Meru Networks

Meru Networks was founded in 2002 with a new vision on wireless networks. That this vision became reality has been emphasid by Gartner who have created a new generation of wireless networks espicially for the Meru solution. They were convinced Meru offers possibilities on other vendor can offer at this moment.

The Meru Networks solution offers a centralized wireless LAN, both for indoor and outdoor use. Meru customers experience no difference in application performance between their wired and wireless networks, regardless of the number of clients or the demanding nature of the mission-critical applications deployed.

Key-points in the Meru system are:

- Virtual AP: The single channel approach and one BSSID result in one large virtual AP where all clients are coordinated through the Controller
- Seamless roaming: Zero-loss roaming offers a perfect handover from one AP to the other resulting in perfect voice quality at all times and no delay in real-time data applications
- Scalability: -No more need for reinvinting the channel plans after an extension of the network has been done; all APs reside on the same frequency.
- Throughput: Instead of having different access points on different channels, one can now have enterprise-wide networks on different channels resulting in a net throughput that is 3 times (2.4GHz) or even 8 times (5GHz) higher than in normal networks.
- b/g performance: Normal networks suffer from 11b and 11g client coexistance. Meru guarantees a perfect coexistance where both clients get the throughput they deserve. This problem will reappear with future 11n clients.
- High density: Meru APs offer up to 128 simultaneous client connections. This is a number originated out of practical tests! For all tested Voice-over-WiFi solutions, Meru offers the highest number of simultaneous voice calls (with the best MOS score) even when mixed with data traffic
- 11n support: Thanks to the single channel approach, Meru can still offer a complete 11n network asides from a b/g network. One could again have multiple 11n networks on different channels resulting in phenomenal throughputs! The Meru Networks solution consists out of access points, a central controller and the optional E(z)RF software packets for monitoring, real-time track and tracing and coverage planning.

Meru AP-150

Dual-radio, tri-mode Mesh Access Points for smaller enterprise environments


Download Datasheet Meru AP150(PFD)
Meru AP-200

Meru's Dual Radio Access Points are third generation coordinated access points that represent a quantum leap over traditional enterprise-class AP's


They provide any combination of IEEE 802.11a, b and g WLAN connectivity. The AP's simultaneously act as a Wi-Fi AP with all standards-based 802.11 client devices and an intelligent Radio Frequency monitor (WLAN radar) to provide real-time status of RF activity to secure, manage and optimize the WLAN.

The Meru Dual Radio AP uniquely delivers over-the-air QoS for voice and real-time applications, support a five-fold increase in number of clients and provide seamless Layer 2/3 mobility with zero-loss handoffs by incorporating patent pending Air Traffic Control Ô technology. The ATC unique contention management mechanism overcomes the performance issue in 802.11b/g networks where 802.11g clients slow down in the presence of 802.11b clients on the network.

All management and security policies implemented in the AP's are centrally configured in the Meru Controller to reduce support and maintenance costs.

Download Datasheet Meru AP200(PFD)
Meru Controllers

The Meru Controller Family This range of Meru products today exists of 4 models: the MC500, the MC1000, the MC3000 and the MC5000.


Download Datasheet Meru MC500-1000-3000 Controller(PFD)
Download Datasheet Meru MC5000(PFD)


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